Has My Old Mower Packed It In? How To Tell If It’s Time To Start Looking At Ride On Mowers For Sale

Ride on Mowers is similar to cars in that they need regular servicing and maintenance to ensure that they will last. If the basics are ignored, however, the parts will start to wear out. The good news is that there are a few things you can do to ensure that you won’t be spending your weekend browsing ride on mowers for sale anytime soon:

  • Drain old fuel -

    One of the most common mistakes that people make is leaving fuel in the tank for an extended period of time (such as over winter when the mower will be stored). When this happens, the fuel can destabilise and gum up the carburettor, which eventually causes the engine to stop working. Once this happens, the only way to get the machine working again is to have the carburettor rebuilt (a costly and time consuming exercise).
  • Replace air filters -

    For every 3.5 litres of fuel used, your mower pushes just under 38,000 litres of air through the engine. If the air filter starts to clog, it will completely throw the air-fuel mixture out of balance, which can cause the engine to burn more fuel than is standard and work less efficiently. This is why it’s important to change the air filter every spring (or once at a time that suits you), as it will help to avoid this problem.
  • Change the oil -

    Most manufacturers advise changing the oil in a new mower after the first 5 hours of use to get rid of all the debris and bits of metal that may have been left over from the manufacturing process. After this, the oil should be changed once a year (regardless of use) so that engine parts don’t become clogged with carbon sludge. Ensure that you use oil that has been recommended by the manufacturer to avoid problems.
  • Monitor the parts -

    Ensure that you keep a close eye on your mower’s blades, belts and spark plugs. These parts will last longer than the filters and oil, but they will eventually start to wear out. It is important that you are on to signs of wear immediately; otherwise, you risk the engine experiencing more serious problems that are costly and time consuming to fix. It is recommended that you have a professional replace these for you, too.
Know when it’s time to move on

Even if you follow all of the tips we’ve outlined above, there will come a time when you will be better off replacing the whole machine rather than fixing it. The best way to determine whether it’s time to browse new ride on mowers for sale is to compare the cost and complexity of the required repair with the expense and lifespan of a brand new product.

We hope that the information provided above has given you a much better idea of whether it’s worth spending the money to get your machine fixed or whether it’s time to jump on the internet and search ride on mowers for sale. No matter what, however, it’s important that you take steps to extend the lifespan of your mower – no one wants to replace theirs every year or so.