Looking At Chainsaws For Sale – Homeowner Edition

A chainsaw is a relatively straightforward piece of equipment – it has an engine bar and chain. Simple, right? When choosing one as a homeowner, however, there are a number of features that you will need to consider before making a purchase. These days, manufacturers design homeowner grade chainsaws for sale with the inexperienced user in mind, so you will be able to find plenty of safety and ease of use features to choose from.

  • Gas & Oil Mixture -

    These days, many gas chainsaws feature two-cycle (or 2-stroke) engines, which require a mixture of gas and oil in the tank (so they supply both fuel and lubrication to the engine during operation). Essentially, you’re “changing the oil” every time you fuel up the machine. The bonus is that you won’t have to perform separate oil changes like you do on your car – simply pour the combination of gas and oil into the tank and you’re set.Consult the owner’s manual for the recommended ratio of gas to oil for the particular model you have invested in.
  • Vibration Dampening -

    Did you know hat, across grades, chainsaws for sale have pretty consistent weights? It’s the constant vibration that really wears you out as you work away cutting up firewood or clearing brush. Look for a machine that features vibration dampening, as this will help to lessen fatigue. The good news is that many homeowner grade models include this feature, making it much easier to use for an extended period of time.
  • Automatic Bar Oiler -

    Due to the constant metal-on-metal friction between the bar and the chain, the bar needs to be continually lubricated with oil. This allows the chain to run smoothly, helping to prevent frequent breakages and other damage. Look at chainsaws for sale that offer automatic bar oilers, which automatically applies oil to the bar as needed. This will allow you to work at a faster pace without the need to stop.If you don’t have one of these devices, you’ll need to work at a slower pace and be diligent about stopping to oil it yourself.
  • Chain Brake -

    An inertia-activated chain brake is one of the best safety features currently on the market. Look for a chainsaw that offers this feature, as it will reduce the risk of injury as a result of blade kick back. When the nose of the bar comes into contact with an obstruction (such as a knot), it can kick back – usually down, towards your legs. The inertia-activated chain brake senses the kick back and stops the chain.Kick back can lead to all sorts of serious injuries and even death in the most extreme cases, so it should be avoided at all costs.

We hope that the information provided above has given you plenty to consider when looking at homeowner grade chainsaws for sale. Whether this is the first time you’ve purchased a high-powered piece of equipment or the hundredth time, it’s important that you carefully assess your own skills and abilities to ensure that you’ve made an appropriate choice. Do not hesitate to ask your dealer for assistance if required.