What Are The Benefits Of Ride On Lawn Mowers?

If you have a larger property to keep in check, a ride on lawn mower could be just the solution – even if you didn’t know you needed one! Often similar in appearance to a small tractor, these machines feature wheels, cutting blades, an operator’s seat and steering wheel or levers – you’ll be able to sit down as you zoom around the backyard mowing the grass.

But what are the benefits of these mowers?

  • Easy Start -

    Nearly all ride on’s feature a key start ignition, which is a luxury that most walk-behind mowers lack. If you’re sick of battling that annoying cord start, this is the solution. Simply jump into the operator’s seat, put the key in the ignition and turn to start – the same as you would a car.
  • Minimal Effort -

    Let’s face it – cutting the grass can be quite monotonous, plus it forces you to exert a significant amount of energy. With a ride on, however, you’ll actually exert very little effort – all you need to do is sit there and steer the machine whilst its powerful engine does the rest.
  • Saves Time -

    One of the main benefits is that it won’t take you anywhere near as long to mow your lawn, regardless of how big it is. Instead of spending hours walking back and forth across the cross, you’ll be able to zoom around and get the job done fast. The speed of these machines cannot be met.
  • Sick & Injured -

    Another benefit of these mowers is that you’ll always be able to keep your lawn in check – even if you’re sick or injured. When you’re feeling unwell or you’ve sustained an injury, mowing the grass is often the last thing you want to do but we don’t always have the luxury of putting it off.
  • Zero Turn -

    These days, zero turn mowers are becoming increasingly popular. These ride on’s feature steering levers as opposed to a wheel, which enables you to control each wheel independently. They can also turn around on the spot, which is great when you have narrow or tight spaces.

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a ride on lawn mower, including: the size of your property, your budget, the features that you’re interested in, the type of transmission (manual, hydrostatic or automatic) and the type of discharge (side, mulching or bagger). If you need help choosing your perfect mower, do not hesitate to contact us for advice.